What’s that, Apple?

by Erick Gray


No, it’s not the iPhone 5.

Many people were unhappy when Apple did not release the iPhone 5 this month because they figured the alternative—the iPhone 4S—would be a watered-down version that wouldn’t have all the expected features. However, the features they have seem to be amazing and not in the least bit lackluster.

 After visiting the Apple site, I saw that they promote many excellent features and one of the most intriguing has been Siri. Siri is a feature that can handle making calls, giving reminders, sending out texts that you ask for. The iPhone 4S also has a new camera and chip called the dual-core A-5 chip, which gives the phone a more powerful core and faster graphics.  The camera also has an  8-mega-pixel camera and shoots a 1080p HD video.

Said to be the foundation of the phone, the iOS feature is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. The iOS is key when it comes to FaceTime calling and editing videos with iMovie.

 The iCloud is also a helpful feature that stores music, photos, documents and more. It’s the most interesting and helpful mainly because it’s wireless and can transfer these things to your devices. Apple says that it is automatic, effortless, and seamless. I don’t know whether this will change Apple fan’s feelings, or give them a good impression—but it seems as if Apple is at least still trying to give quality technology to its customers.

This post is posted on Monday 10 October 2011.
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